【WooCommerce 插件发布】同步物流信息到 PayPal

作为全球最大的开源电商平台 WooCommerce,虽然拥有众多 ERP 插件,但是没有完善的商品管理、订单处理、物流信息同步等体验。对比 Shopify 的 app,WooCommerce 插件的质量就更显得参差不齐了。在对比了大多数 ERP 后,店小秘可以算得上是同类中做得最完善的,但依旧存在不少问题。

How To Fix Magic Mifare Classic Card

The Magic Mifare Classic 1K card has not only changeable UID but also full backer door command support. When we write error data to the magic card cards, they also can be no response or dead. Here's the tutorial to fix the Magic Mifare Classic Card.

How to use Sniffer in MTools

Depending on the Firebase of MTools, only 15% of MTools users have used Sniffer functions of MTools. It's really a easy tools for comparison and analysing. In this article, I'll show the tutorial of how to use Sniffer in MTools.