Introduction of WooCat - Multi-Store Sales Report Client of WooCommerce

WooCat is an iOS app that can view an unlimited WooCommerce store sales reports. WooCat is developed based on the WooCommerce REST API and Store API, and does not need to install any plug-ins, just make the WooCommerce store with its own features to achieve various convenient functions.

App Development

WooCat on iOS is developed with SwiftUI language. It requires the system version is over iOS15. There is no any Ads in WooCat app. And all datas are stored on the device and iCloud.

Store Status & Sales Report

Warehouse Status & Product Information

Update Log

1.0 Released

  1. Supporting unlimited WooCommerce store.
  2. Viewing sales resport, order report, shipping cost.
  3. Viewing by day, week, month and custom date range.
  4. New order notification of multi-store.
  5. Synchronization of store configs.

2.0 Updates

  1. Adding any WooCommerce store.
  2. Uploading products cross stores.
  3. Browsing products of other stores.
  4. Classic Cha Ching New order notification.

WooCat Website
WooCat on App Store