RFID Tools - The Best RFID App on Android Phone

Meeting RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification, there are a lot of excellent open-source tools and great devices for sniffing and cracking. And mostly, those open-source projects are built for Linux and Windows. In this title I'll introduce the best RFID App, RFID Tools, which supports a lot of libnfc tools on Android Phone.

To start learning RFID, A device named ACR122U or PN532 can be the most cost-effective choice for beginners.

And the commands bellow is mostly used with these devices.

  • mfoc - Mifare Classic Offline Cracker
  • mfcuk - MiFare Classic Universal toolKit
  • nfc-list - Sniff and list all card
  • nfc-mfclassic - Read or write Mifare Classic Card with keys authentication
  • nfc-mfsetuid - Set new UID on Chinese Magic UID changeable Card

About the app - RFID Tools, the tools above are all compiled to Android, that's a really huge project and it's also open source on Github by the young developer DXL.
Supported Device on RFID Tools

  • Interial NFC
  • Proxmark3 RDV4.0
  • ChameleonMini RefE
  • ACR122U
  • PN532

To make the app supports so many devices, DXL abstract read/write, backdoor command methods of operating Mifare 1k Card and all device can handle data in card in one fragment page in app.

Working with ACR122U
nfc-list Result
Nfc-list Result
mfoc Result
mfoc Result

And you can even change UID in block 0 of sector 0 on Chinese Magic Card. Just need to choose Writeing 0 blocks (dangerous) in Write Options.
This app is just like a Swiss Army Knife, so powerful and portable with those device above. All you guys should have a try that. It's even free to download on Play Store.
And also free download on 酷安网.