4 Steps to clone access card by phone

Many people are curious on how to clone access card for convinience or just for fun. Most access system with RFID verify visitors with UID in the access card. It's the first 4 bytes hex data of Block 0 in Sector 0.
Follow the steps bellow to clone an access card.

  1. Prepare the UID changeable card.
    The first generation of UID changeable card, which called Chinese magic card, can be writed with external device, (i.e., PN53X, ACR122U and PM3).
    The second generaltion of UID Change is called cuid card which can be easily writen on Android phone.
  2. Install MTools or Mifare Classic Tool on the phone.
    MCT is a powerfull app to read and write data to mifare 1k card.
    With MTools, you can even read and write data that under some rules, e.g., the valid money data.
  3. Read default data of Sector 0 of original card.
    Usually, the default keys for card's sector 0 is FF FF FF FF FF
  • By MIFARE Classic Tool:
    • READ TAG
    • Choose std.keys
  • By MTools:
    • Add Card
    • Add Sector 0, keyA and keyB
    • Click Read Sector Button
  1. Write data of Sector 0 to target UID changeable card.